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Dear Friends,

St. Andrew’s is a blessed, vital congregation.  It is a congregation where we are all ministers to each other and the world, where our doors are open to the community, and where we embrace the deep tradition of our faith while also having the courage to ask the questions that arise in the world around us.

To give of yourself and your resources is important, not just for the financial stability of St. Andrew’s, but for your own spiritual vitality.  Everyone benefits from the practice of giving of themselves and their resources.  It is an expression of trust and commitment, and it is also an expression of your priorities, of what you think is most important in your life.

Please consider what St. Andrew’s means to you, and then make a pledge to this parish that reflects your commitment to God in this community.  And thank you, one and all, for helping to make St. Andrew’s such an extraordinary parish.


The Rev. David Gunderson