“Time Flies”

“Time Flies”

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St Andrews’ own Gary Fish was the lead actor in a very appropriately titled film, “Time Flies”.  The story line combines fly fishing and age differences.    It is about a curmudgeon fly fisherman whose attitude is changed by a sweet little girl who simply wants to learn to fly fish.  It deals with age and the symbolism of passing knowledge on to the next generation as the end of life approaches.

The aging fisherman eventually warms to the little girl and tells her where the best fishing holes are up stream.   He shares his secret with the girl and in Gary’s favorite line he tells her, “yes, I used to fish up there but now you can go on alone…..and I trust you can do this for someone else someday.”

Nominated for best actor, best actress, best writing, and best cinematography, “Time Flies” will now be entered for consideration in regional film festivals.    The story was written and the film produced under the direction of MSU student Travis Wilson as his senior project thus completing his degree in Film and Photography.

Gary Fish, a long time member of St Andrews Episcopal Church, acted in his first play when he was in fifth grade.  In his own words he “has been acting for a very long time” both in the States and in Japan where he taught drama in Japan for 25 years before returning home to Livingston.

Watch this!  Only takes 12 minutes and it will bring a tear to your eye:  http://vimeo.com/92296640