The congregation of St. Andrew’s reflects the diversity of Livingston itself. We are known for asking good questions rather than providing simple answers for complex issues. And we are known for our inclusiveness; we recognize that Christ’s banquet is large enough to include every person.

Formerly a railroad and agricultural center, Livingston is increasingly identified with both the arts and with outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. St. Andrew’s continues to have roots in the local ranching community, but we also have strong ties to Livingston’s artists, especially writers, musicians, and actors. We are also intellectually diverse; some of us are cradle Episcopalians, and some of us are taking a fresh look at the beauty and richness of traditional liturgical worship, and exploring new ways of thinking about the faith of the Christian tradition.

We celebrate the many different ways that people experience the presence of God in their lives. To our visitors, we hope to represent the best of Christian hospitality in welcoming all who come through our doors.

Parish Information

St. Francis Day at St. Andrew’s Church

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